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ZnO Thin Films

1. Background of the project :
Zinc Oxide (ZnO) is one of the popular materials that were used in the semiconductor area. It is a promising material because its excellent optical properties, such as high transparency in visible and near infrared spectral region, has a wide band gap of 3.37 eV at room temperature and has a large exciton bonding energy of 60 meV. The electrical, optoelectronic and photochemical properties of undoped ZnO have resulted in its use for solar cells [2], transparent electrodes and blue/UV light emitting devices [3]. ZnO is a unique material that exhibits both semiconducting and piezoelectric properties.
There are many techniques used to deposit ZnO thin films whether by chemical or physical deposition. The technique used for this project is RF sputtering, one of the physical deposition techniques. In order to achieve good deposition, many conditions need to be considered and parameters that need to be controlled to achieve a good growth of ZnO thin film.2. Strength of this Project :
This project is done to deposit ZnO thin films at different thickness by the RF sputtering technique where all the other parameters of the sputtering process were kept constant. Most of the journals before discussed on the fabrication of ZnO thin films by varying the sputtering parameters. In this experiment, we can see the effects of the thickness and the type of substrate used to the thin film growth. There are also limited studies on the application of the thin film coated on substrate as the TIM and heat sink respectively to improve the heat transfer in LED package.3. Problem statement and Objective
Generally, this aim of this project is to fabricate high quality of ZnO thin film on different substrates and thicknesses at constant sputtering parameters and to investigate the application of the thin film in thermal management. The overall projects objectives are as follow:
a) To fabricate a uniform deposited ZnO thin films on Al, Cu, Si and…

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