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Wireless Technology

Wireless Technology
Stephani Thurman
January 25, 2016
Harold Stinson
Wireless Technology
Wireless technology has shaped our society in both personal and work environments. The evolution of cell phones, wireless devices, and networking, has impacted the way in which we conduct business and communication. This development made technology available at our fingertips and has improved global reach.
Wireless technology has improved communication, increased efficiency, and introduced new ways of performing many different business tasks (Kazmeyer, 2016). We are now able to connect with people thousands of miles away at the click of a button to share ideas and broaden the reach of the workplace. In my personal experience, this technology has improved the workplace since we can exchange ideas and evaluate processes to make them better. Before wireless communication, ideas traveled slowly, and people were not able to share their insight with others to make tasks easier. In our team discussions this week, the majority of our conversation noted that technology was a necessity, and most of us would be lost in our jobs without it (Curtis Parker, personal learning team communication, January 19, 2016). We have become reliant on technology to ease the completion of our daily tasks, and some tasks would not be able to be performed without the technology.
Cell Phones
Cell phones sometimes referred to in conversation as smart phones, were one of the most identifiable forms of wireless technologies that my team noted improved their quality of life and work. Cell phones have made it possible to be reached at virtually any time or any place. This is significant for employers because at times reaching key employees quickly during a business crisis can aid in preventing problems from becoming bigger issues (Kazmeyer, 2016). The cell phone now promotes email communication and quicker access to information…

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