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why beauty matters

“WHY BEAUTY MATTERS”The aim of poetry ,art and music in 1750 to 1930 was Beauty. Yet at the start of 20th century beauty stopped because art increasing aimed to disturb and to break moral taboos ,it was not beauty but originality ,however achieved and at whatever moral cost. Art made a cult of ugliness, architecture too has become soulless and sterile. Language , music, manners are increasing raucous self- centered and offensive. Beauty and good taste has no real place to our lives.The cult of ugliness in art and the cult of utility in every day life are the two in modern art & architecture. The cult of ugliness in art is something u make without thinking to put beauty on it. Like for example the Victorian town from elegant buildings, churches, homes smart hotels and homely streets were demolished and changed into office blocks , a bus station and car parks all designed without consideration of beauty it became empty and useless nobody wants to occupy because it was damn ugly. The cult of utility in every day life means building something thinking only the usefulness of such building without the consideration of beauty on it will still become useless. Later you will lose everything because it doesn’t have beauty.Forms Follows Functions is Louis Sullivan’s motto means stop thinking about the way the building looks and think instead about what it does, it is not the correct criterion it was a doctrine that justify the greatest crime against beauty and that is crime of modern architecture. If you will build a building without beauty it will never last long, it can be used for just short time and become useless and gone afterwards , beauty matters because people will see first how beautiful the building before they will occupy.Plato’s philosophy on beauty “beholding beauty with the eye of the mind” he wrote “you will be able to nourish true virtue and become the friend of God”. Plato’s believed that human beings are pilgrims and…

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