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What Had Modern Technology Done to Us?

“All the biggest technological inventions created by man-the airplane, the automobile, the computer- says little with his intelligence, but speaks volume about his laziness” A warm greetings of peace and love ladies and gentlemen We have come to an era where everything inconceivable for the past 50 years has been made possible and actual. Once a dream, now a commodity. Once a prospect, now outdated. Once a thing of imagination, now an item of sensation. We can say that everything, I mean, everything, is now made available and accessible. Modernization takes a great part in the life of people.

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Effects that these products brought affects every aspect of human life. The effects of these technologies can be bothh positive and negative. Technologies are designed to make man’s life more easier. Technology makes communication more faster and easier. With the modern and improved equipments in our hospitals and other medical facilities, it saves more innocent lives. Transportation is also improved and more faster. Modern technologies are also used for security purposes. Crimes and other cases are easily solved with the help of these gadgets. But did we ever think that it could also destroy and degrades our very own life?

Benfits also has its price, while it makes our lives and works easier to deal with, it can also have disturbing impacts to our lives. While some technologies are used in security purposes, some are also used to destroy security and peacefulness in the society. Let’s talk about social networking now. Social networking is rampant these days. I am too have my own facebook account. Social networking helps communication more fasters, but are we aware of news regarding social networking? Man use social networkings to find prospective victims of their selfish desires. I had read news about these in the web.

Security of users are not assured and privacy is being invaded. Women are more prone to this kind of schemes. They are being raped by facebook friends when they meet. This does not just happen insocial networking but also in some other communication gadgets like the use of cellphones. Some are missing, raped and even killed after meeting with their textmates. Computers in general can cause addiction to users. Like drugs, once we are addicted, we could hardly refrain in going to computer shops, spending most of our time chatting and playing online games instead of using our vacant time in studying our essons thus causing their academic performance or grades low or even failed or have a talk with our families to strengthen our bonds. Some are also willing to pay amount of money in these things rather than in spending it to a more usefull thing. Modern technologies also cause people to be lazy, instead of doing home chores, some are there in the computer shops playing. Modern technologies makes people dependent in these gadgets thus making us lazy to do things. There are people who feels lost without their cellphones or have to check their accounts in social networking sites at the top of every hour.

Our innate virtues are also degrading because of these. It tends to loosen our ties with our families because other member of the family choose to play in computer rather than having a te or lunch with the family. It also causes misunderstanding in the family. With invention of Playstation and the likes, who would prefer to gather around grandmother’s craddle and listen to her stories? Who would have the thought of grabbing a book and have the religious habbit of reading when the internet is inviting?

Gone are the days of seranades, cellular phones and networkings radically take over the courtship activity of the youth. Who would prefer to join fellowships when friends are inviting to play dota and other online games? Decades ago, people used to go to the church to praise and worship God, now it seems God is no longer the centre stage for them anymore, indeed sad, but unfortunately so true. We are the most vulnerableto any unfavorable bearing technology may bring. Are we one of them? Think about it ladies and gentleman and make a good decision.

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