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Web Technology Will Certainly Enhance Talent Attraction

Web Technology will certainly enhance talent attraction, retention and development in organization. Discuss in relation to specific HR practices. Introduction Talent acquisition, retention and development is becoming into the range as one of the most critical elements of Human Resource Management. For years, companies have struggled to capture market share through economization and downsizing, while growth had seemed to take a backseat. New technology and tools are now available to address attracting, developing and retaining talent.

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Talent attraction-Recruitment One of the most important practices of HR is recruitment. When we are referring to Web Technology in recruitment we want to attract top performers and high potentials as compared to our competitors. The focus is on attracting attention of individual with skills, competencies, and behaviors that are rare. Online recruitment is one of the most widely discussed functions of e-hr. The benefits of online recruitment are substantial in terms of cost, time, candidate pool and quality of response.

The use of technology improves the sorting and contacting of candidates. The internet can facilitate the selection of employees, especially where long distances are concerned. Video conferencing and online tests, for example, have been extensively used at the early stages of the selection process which results in cost and time savings, gives an organisation a more up to date image and it provides global coverage 24 hours a day. However there is always the risk of resumes overload, as well as low reputation and effectiveness of websites and databases.

Its use is still not widespread in Mauritius and advertisements which fail to reach their target audience are a waste of resources. It is not the first choice of most talented person since recruitment is most of the time done that someone knowing your skill and requests your service. Talent Retention-Reward and Performance Management Employee self service allows employees to submit electronically their preferences in terms of benefit selection, reducing the burden for the Human Resource Department.

Experience has shown that after the implementation of a self service employee benefits system, employees may still be calling with benefit questions confused about their choices and unable to grasp a broader rewards perspective However if web delivered employee benefits, if properly implemented and managed, entail economies for the HR department. The manager self service allows him to take on or confirm salary actions, salary changes, bonuses and stock management and informs managers on the choice they need to make or verify about rewards of their subordinates and asks them to insert their decision.

Performance management is one of the most important activities of HR. It is not enough to simply go through the business as usual and much disliked annual exercise of assessing performance and driving rewards based on a performance assessment. The information system will be drive and modifies goals as needed, assesses performance against goals, and provides instant feedback which will give them an indication of their strength and weaknesses thus focusing on skill development and motivate employees to stay with the organisation.

However this may lead to Substitution of individual judgments and Challenge the nature of an organisation and the role of management Talent development-Training and Development and e-learning E- Learning is one of the mostly discussed aspects of E-hr and probably the one with the most potential in terms of cost benefits. The internet can be used in training and development in pure e learning activities and career management.

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