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“Using examples, (hypothetical or otherwise) illustrate the importance of employee motivation and appraisal as part of the planning for a major company involving and implementing change in their workforce, with reference to the classical and scientific schools of management. ” Why and how motivation help the company to increase the performance of the employees The motivation help the company very much in achieving its goals. Motivation is a key to build an environment in a company, where its employees like to work.

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Employees can be motivated by different techniques. You can use different techniques to motivate employees. The most significant impact of motivation is increased productivity. If you can increase the motivation of the employees the productivity will increase and at the end the company will have some profits. Different people have different desires. In this assignment we will discuss what are the ways to motivate employees and hence increase the productivity. Usually human resource department in a company does that work.

In human resource management you can study the employee’s motivation. In an organisation motivation is usually done by giving incentives to employees. Usually incentives are in form of cash rewards, gift certificates, travel vouchers, dinner vouchers, paid holidays. Different people are motivated by different things; some like travel holidays and some like cash rewards or promotions. Employees incentive programs enhance employee performance, promotes work place harmony and motivate employees to do their work better.

For a business to be successful, it has to not only offer products and/or services that meet customers’ needs and wants, but also have staff who are loyal and committed. However, to gain your employees’ loyalty and commitment you need to do more than just pay them well. In a competitive job market, you also need to consider people’s social and psychological needs – and this means leading and motivating your workforce. Introduction: Apex is a company that deals in the software.

It has international exposure and provides career growth opportunities to its employees. It sends its employees to developed countries for workshops and practical assistance. The firm has 200employees working under the lower management. The company is run by the most expert professionals who have vast experience in their respective work. Change and response to change: Despite having one of the most develop system a company has a problem of employee de motivation which if not dealt in right manner will create a negative impact on the progress of the company.

This case study is a classic example to show the importance of the employee motivation in the planning process as here we can easily notice that a company is well established and has an immense potential to do wonder but being autocratic style of management has created a problem in the proper growth of the employees. Employees do not feel motivated and they are not interested in taking any initials because they know that they will not be appraised by the top management for any efforts they make.

Once the inner enthusiasm ends, the automatic negative mechanism starts working on the mind map of the employees and they feel de-motivated. Significance Employee Motivation It is of great importance for the organization to have employees who are satisfied with their work and their capabilities shine by the way they are being dealt by the organization. A motivated employee is always a beneficial asset for the organization. To manage these assets in a productive manner, organization should always consider its employees as their top priority.

To make them feel that they are value by the organization, an organization should involve their employees in process by allowing them to participate in the organization. The participative management is a key to success in the continuously changing settings. The policies and plans are continuously circling with changes and therefore employees must be kept in focus when designing the infrastructure. An employee’s inner capabilities will groom more as this manager will acknowledge his work and praise him for it. This will develop the sense of participation on the hand of employee. Hiam, 2003)Man power resources should be utilized in an appropriate way so that the changes that occur in the organization, it is accepted by the employee and on the other hand, employees should willingly take initiative by participating through their ideas and suggestion. These ideas and suggestion will help the organization in bringing change and implementing policies which will help the organization as a whole in long term aspects. Designing a job is a very critical stage for the Human Resource Management department of an organization as it has indirect effect on the motivation’s level of individual employees.

In modern era, with a face paced environment, the continuous feedback is also of great importance for the top level management to implement the policies. (Garg and Rastogi, 2006)Here in this case study, Rohit is not motivated to work because the head has an autocratic approach. She does not consider employees suggestion as an important factor to groom them. Her communication was only one way which was flowing as an order rather than giving a chance to employees to step up with their suggestion and ideas.

Employees feel that their suggestion no matter how creative it would be but the top management is not going to appreciate it. The relationship between employer and employee are not very improved one which is a serious worry for an organization because wellbeing at work and mutual co relations are one of the motivating factors to bring change in the organization and manage the diverse workforce. Employees need motivation to work in the organization but some time manger does not recognizes that every individual needs motivation in a different way. Marcum, 2000; Hiam, 2003)In Apex, top management has approach of scientific era, where money was regarded as an important motivating factor. Employees were given handsome pay hikes but they were supposed to work in a scientific and calculated manner. The feeling of employees was not given much importance. According to (Fredrick Taylor, 1911) economic efficiency can make the movement of employees more energetic and increase the productivity but this approach is not very valid in the changing era as Maslow argued that the needs dominate the human in different phases.

Here an employee is fully secured and is not working for satisfying his basic needs, but working for his self actualization. He wants challenges and believes in creativity but the autocratic environment hinders him in achieving his goal. An employee is in stage where he is self willing to work and has a creative ideas in mind to suggest so he is at the top of the pyramid of hierarchy of needs but lack of democratic approach in the organization has left him with not much of choice because he is not being appreciated for his work, therefore he is not involve in his job.

Once the appraisal off employee is not recognized properly than slowly his developmental so get slow. When employees are not admired for their skills and ideas, they are not motivated to work in organization because they feel they are not given any importance. This also results in reluctance for change. In neo classical theories, Fayol has given a concept of sprit de corps which means team work is essential to groom employees so it refers that organization should ensure steps to make its employee participate and work as a group.

He stressed on the incentives which means that handsome salary should be given to employee which will drive them to work hard in organization. The neo classical approach is most consistently based on the economic reward. There is less concern about the inner feelings as a motivating force which is a drawback. Not all sort of employees will feel money as an important factor because the fifth stage of Maslow’s need is about the self actualization, this means that more than money some individual will give a preference to growth and learning environment where they are being provided with the opportunity to groom themselves.

The company has ensured to rectify these errors by giving a chance to employees to participate in organization’s decision making process. This is a way to keep their employees motivated and retain them. A company has learned to work change their policies according to the need of the situation. They have ensured that employees express their views about things. Employees are having the feelings of security, and they do not have to worry about their job security.

So in this sense they are satisfied but there was no career growth before and once yourself actualization is not completed, the person will regress to need which he has already completed. For instance, returning to self esteem when self actualization does not get completed. An employee will have the insecurities about various things. Conclusion: This case study shows that employees are more motivated when they are provided a chance to participate in decision making. Employees are not robots who will follow the orders and fulfill them. Human is more motivated when their decision making skills are used in efficient manner.

I do agree that Apex did exceptionally well by altering their policies but if I was part of top management I would have introduced a system of rating and polling in which employees would have been provided a chance to even rate the policies of management according to the strong impact of the policies on them. I would have introduced a system of team work with rotating responsibilities so that each individual comes up with his talent to manage things in a proper way. Apex has just introduced a system by altering some of the policies which is good sign but I could have gone for a proper job rotation activity.

The desk bunch system would have been introduced where on one desk, the bunch of employees would have set to discuss their plans and then the leader would have forwarded the suggestion or proposals to the top management. Along with this the duty of the group leader will be to monitor the efforts of employees that how much effort do they put in coming up with ideas and suggestions. This will evaluate the individual performance of the employees and the skills of the group leader will also enhance and improve, he will judge the individual responses and his critical evaluation skills will groom.

These skills in future a company can utilize in time of need. Even it can provide an opportunity to get a promotion in to top management so this will boost the morale of the employees to a greater level. Another thing that company should think is to make sure that employees are motivated by introducing a seminar system. Employees should be encouraged to attend seminars and implement of workplace what they have learn through seminars.

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