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US pressure group

US pressure groups concentrate political power rather than disperse it. (45 marks)US pressure groups does concentrate political power in a group of wealthy and powerful individuals just like C. Wright Mills may argue, he suggests that the US society was based on elitism, as a consequence of this, wealthy pressure groups can influence elections through own and problems such as the Revolving Door Syndrome has had been in the society for a while. However, arguments from Robert Dahl’s study of the pluralism suggest that it disperses that pressure groups compete with each other might disperses the political power. Through the arguments it is clearly to see that pressure groups concentrate political power.The Revolving Door Syndrome as mentioned has been a huge concern in the US politics system. Many pressure groups work through hired lobbyist employed by lobbying firms, there is nothing wrong, however, is that a high proportion of these professional lobbyists are former members of Congress or formal Congressional staff members. Critics argue that this constitutes an abuse of public service, these people exploit their knowledge and contacts within the Congress of the Executive branch of the government in order to further the interests of the pressure group clients, these people are really expensive to hire, this leads to the problem that only the wealthy and powerful pressure groups has the ability to hire them. Statistics from the Opensecret website 119 law makers left the Capitol Hill of which 81 has found new employment, 31% had joined lobbing firms and a further 22% had become lobbying client. For example former democrat senator Chris Dodd of Connecticut now works for the Motion Picture Association of America. The Revolving Door Syndrome is now clear to see that it concentrates the political power in powerful individuals, as the professional lobbyists are expensive to hire which can only be the few well funded pressure groups.Functions of the pressure…

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