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The Value of Genuine Friendship (Tested by Time and Distance)

The Value of Genuine Friendship
(Tested by Time and Distance)
-jelav A friend is someone who stays with you, although not always near you, though the good and bad times. He is someone who manages to take time listening and patting your back when you needed. In fact, having a friend is like having a legal counselor for free; who he helps you according to the right thing to be done. Many people are lost in this world because they couldn’t find the right ones to be their friends. There will come a time that they will meet people, yet those are not the right ones to stay in times of need. Sometimes, it is heartbreaking to find out that others tend to cling to people just so they can benefit something from the friendship. Others only use the other person to gain something for themselves when they couldn’t even sympathize for the other. Friendship is a mutual relationship requiring reciprocation of connection and action, and more than sympathy, love. As challenges come into a person’s life, it is a burden to face them all alone. Yet, it is heartwarming to overcome such with the aid of a friend. There comes times when you feel like giving up and couldn’t make it through yet encouragement and strength comes from the image of a friend. He encourages you to get through and strengthens your heart and mind to become tougher. They help you decide for the right things to be done for you to be a better person. Life is a rocky road. Sometimes obstacles shake you and prevent you from going through. A good thing to know is a friend is your combat shoes to protect you from being hurt. With a friend’s aid is confidence in passing a certain phase in life. True friendship is not always determined by the length of time you have known each other, but by the times you have been together in experiencing both good and bad times. It is love, trust and loyalty that keep this relationship stable through different tests of problems and heartaches. There are no…

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