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The research and application of vertical roller mill grinding technology

Vertical roller mill is widely used in pre-grinding steel and non-ferrous metal beneficiation, with energy saving, increase capacity of the obvious advantages.
Vertical Roller Mill
With the implementation of the national energy policy of the series, roller press in the cement industry, especially mining fields are widely used. Roller press grinding system based on the use of the material layer of roller press grinding technology and supporting the collection broken up, grading, drying in one of the separator, and the ball mill can be used with or as a system composed of a variety of process, such as pre-grinding, mixing grinding, semi-final grinding and finish grinding systems. Due to changes in the grinding mechanism, SBM roller press grinding and system technology enables the system to reduce power consumption 20-50%, 30-70% increase in production.
In the mining field, roller presses replace cone crusher is mainly applied in crushing, or replace broken applied to rough mill. Due to the high-tech mine roller press, requires companies with strong independent R & D and innovation.
A high-pressure roller mill of the high-pressure roller mill structure mainly consists of the following components: two horizontally disposed and facing the squeeze roller means rotating synchronously extruding the composition of the sub 4, wherein a roll is fixed, the other by hydraulic pressure to the hydraulic system 6 provided around the cylinder roller promote activities for small movements, two sets of squeeze rollers and roller assembly consisting of bearing system, mounted on the frame structure composed of frame 3 by the guide means, respectively, each squeeze roller has its own independent The same gear transmission structure, and through universal couplings, fluid couplings or safety clutches and planetary gear reducer of a transfer energy to the rolls, the material through the adjustable feeding device between two rollers 2 Go The material cavity. Central automatic…

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