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The Negatives of Peer Pressure

Mrs. Wainwright
English 098
8 February 2015
The Negatives of Peer Pressure
Everyone has heard of people whose lives have been affected by making bad decisions. These decisions may lead to such addictions as drinking, smoking, and using drugs, but what caused these bad decisions to be made? They were caused by peer pressure. Clearly, peer pressure has made me do some pretty stupid things.
For Instance, one time when peer pressure got the best of me was when my friends would constantly beg me to buy them alcohol. It was bad because the people asking were underage, so I could really get in trouble. I also spent much of my own money and never got paid back. Also, the people drinking often ended up getting so drunk that they got hurt or hurt someone else.
A second time I did something stupid because of peer pressure was making the decision to start drinking myself. This decision has led to an addiction. In addition, I have been known to drink and drive. Also, when my friends and I drink, we play drinking games designed to make one drink more, which is not healthy at all.
Finally, one last example of something stupid I have done because of peer pressure is to try smoking. My friend has pressured me into trying cigarettes, which has led to an addiction. She also pressured me into trying the new fad, which are these little hookah pens. Eventually, she pressured me into buying and smoking weed. These actions are not healthy, and some are even illegal.
Consequently, friends can be a blessing; however, one’s real friends would never pressure him or her into doing something that could harm that person or others around him or her. Whenever any activity such as drinking, smoking, and using drugs gets out of control, It can cause addictions, and sadly, even cause death. For this reason, young people should think seriously about those with whom they surround themselves or associate. Everyone can benefit from choosing their friends wisely.

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