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The Most Dangerous Game

Rainsfordss passion for hunting is very evident within the story. He considered himself a hunter because he has traveled all around the world and wrote many books on hunting. He expresses his feelings for the sport during the story calling it the best sport in the world. Rainsfords view on the hunt is that animals were meant to be hunted. He believes that animals have no fear or feelings of being hunted and says the world is made two into two classes the hunters and the huntees. But Rainsfords look on hunting takes a dramatic pause when he becomes the hunter he takes it very seriously.

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Zaroff looks at Rainsford and that he has a strong admiration for hunting. It is clear that Zaroff is a good hunter for when rainsford went into zaroffs his home he sees the heads of many different animals some of which he doesn’t recognize. Zaroff expresses to Rainsford that he has read his books and that he reads all hunting books that are printed in English. Zaroff likes Rainsford books about his affection for the sport saying I have but one passion in my life and it is the hunt. Zaroff’s outlook on hunting is that of a murderous man. After he becomes board with hunting animals had nothing but his legs and his instinct.

Instinct is no match for his reason. So Zaroff hunts the one game that has the ability to reason humans. He somehow justifies hunting and killing men by saying Life is for the strong to be lived by the strong and if needs be taken by the strong. The weak of the world were put here to give the strong pleasure. I am strong. Why should I not use my gift. If I wish to hunt why should I not. I hunt the scum of the earth sailors from tramp blacks Chinese whites mongrels a purebred horse or hound is worth more than a score of them. Rainsford and Zaroff are similar and different in these ways.

Both men have a similar look on the joy and pride they get form hunting. But, at the end of the story these similarities change because Rainsford understands what an animal might feel when he is being hunted. The men’s differences are very clear. Rainsford hunts animals and Zaroff hunts people but one of the differences is that one of them is bigger and better while the other thinks he is a big shot at hunting but General Zaroff tries to kill rainsford but does not succeed and ends up going to hell for killing all of the other innocent people.

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