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The Basic Process of Gravel Production Line in Fote

Stone production lines are divided into stone production line, the sand production line two kinds big. Classification of different production line equipment configuration, different. According to its broken stones production line of the hardness of the material can be divided into a shape stone production line and secondary crushing stone production line.Featuring with high density, large bearing capacity, strong anti-katogene of capillary water, sand gravel is the best material for building road. Its main component is gravel sediment, also small-sized materials, like soil, and sand are contained. When it is used in building foundation treatment, the sand sediment’s size is smaller than 5 cm; while as roadbed fillings, smaller than 10 cm. But the size of natural sand gravel is not even, which will finally influence the quality of buildings, the sand-making machine is needed to further adjusting uniformity.River gravel by vibrating feeder evenly sent to jaw crusher rough broken, rough broken after the river gravel Sand fed by belt conveyor to the further crushing, crushing river gravel was transported to vibrating screenriver gravel screening to achieve the finished size requirements are sent to the sand washing machine cleaning, the output shall be finished by the finished product conveyor belt cleaning;The finished size requirements does not meet the river gravel from the vibrating screen returns Sand re-processed to form a closed-loop recycled many times.The product size is to be combined and graded according to the user’s needs. If I choose to dry production process, with the thickness of the powder separation and dust removal equipment.
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