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Teenage and Adulthood

Teenage and adulthood are both very common topic of debate these days. There is always a fight between the two of them that which among them is better. Both the ages are equally important but still this topic is always in debate. Teenage is the age where we are the future and adulthood is the age where we bother about the future and get doomed in planning it. The most heroic age in one’s life where there is less pressure, burden and an immense amount of fantasy and adventure, where problems are as tiny as an ant in comparison to what we are about to see in adulthood.

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In this age the problems are mainly related to studies or friendship etc you are not worried about your future, income or jobs. This era of one’s life is the most carefree era where you don’t have to worry about answering back your boss, marriage or you don’t have to worry about building a house to get settled, you don’t think about salary deduction before taking a leave.

Adulthood on the other hand has many advantages as well ,like you are independent , free to make your decisions , parents or elders doesn’t hover much in this age of ours because somehow it belongs to you. But this independence has its own restrictions i. e. job, marriage, income etc although teenage has several restrictions but still you are free. In teenage people always have expectations from you they gawk at each and every movement of yours but in adulthood the gawking becomes very less.

Elders are comfortable about the choices you make and even you yourself are not confused anymore about what you want. According to me teenage is like a beautiful and adventurous ride of freedom, from which no one’s want to get down because adulthood is like asking a bird not to fly but to walk around with lots of responsibilities on its back because the future is ahead whether slow or fast we have to plan it. Teen age is lighter in comparison to adulthood as in teenage we are the future and in adulthood we bother about it and plan it all the time.

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