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Strategic Marketing

Full market coverage with a concentration on differentiated marketing is the ideal stratagem for Levi Strauss & Co to base its product manufacturing on. Boasting three subsidiary brands, our firm’s dedication to providing a top quality product to a highly diversified consumer base is evidenced by the individualized marketing structures of each separate division under the Levi’s brand. Full market coverage is the most quintessential marketing approach for this firm due to its ability to effectively target various demographics without compromising Levi’s tradition of delivering quality jean wear to a loyal consumer base.
Levi’s Strauss & Company’s target markets are subdivided into three “sister” companies, each providing a valuable product to its specialized consumer group. The “umbrella” company, Levi’s, is credited with exemplifying “classic American style and effortless cool” (Levi’s Strauss & Co, 2014). Levi’s places its marketing aim at its devoted customer base which has transcended generations. Traditionally, Levi’s Strauss & Company is world renown for manufacturing “the most recognizable and imitated clothing in the world” (Levi’s Strauss & Co, 2014) since its establishment in 1873. Boasting substantial sales in over 100 countries abroad, target marketing is fundamental in sustaining Levi’s reputation for manufacturing quality attire to the masses.
Levi’s first subsidiary brand, Dockers, has been “widely acknowledged as the fastest-growing apparel launch in history” (The Dockers Decades, 2009). Established in 1986, and brandishing a discerning tradition of its own, Dockers khaki brand targets the versatile consumer by providing casual wear for a plethora of lifestyle causes including job interviews, attending school, golfing, and other activities, both professional and extracurricular. Originally made popular by British colonial forces and the American…

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