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Top 5 Topics Page a) Autobiography b) Sample c) autobiography d) sample e) Sample2. a) Advantages and Disadvantage of Computer Revolution b) Use of computer; Advantages and Disadvantages c) Search Results – Advantages of Disadvantages of Computers d) The Advantages of Disadvantages of Computer Technology in Human Life e) Advantages and Disadvantages of Working3. a) Essay b) Essays c) essay d) Essay e) Essays4. a) The Impact of the Internet and Social Media on Advertising b) Internet c) Using Information and Communications Technology (Ict) to Establish Competitive Advantage Within a Small and Medium Enterprises d) disadvantages e) Internet5. a) Person You Admire b) Who You Calling a Bitch c) What Kind of Person Are You? d) Be Careful Who You Work for e) The Person You Most Admire Is…Controlled Assessment Sphinx1. a) Sample of Marketing Strategy b) How to Write an Autobiography c) My Autobiography – John Jordan d) Comment on the Significance of Autobiography in Brideshead Revisit e) Sample Persuasive Outline2. a) Search Results – Advantages and Disadvantages of Computers b) Advantages and Disadvantages of Offshore Outsourcing c) Telecommunication d) The Impact Technology Will Have on Effectiveness of Education e) Mass Media Advantages and Disadvantages3. a) Ict Essay b) Egomorality Essay Anthem and Gattaca c) Essay Suppliment of Ernest Hemingway’s Soldier’s Home d) Weekly Essay Number Seven e) To Kill a Mockingbird – Essay 124. a) Work b) The Wonderful and Amazing Additional in Our Lives c) Business to Business d) Internet Gambling e) Mass Media Advantages and Disadvantages5. a) Swirl of Colors…

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