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?STAYER ECO 450 Week 7 Quiz 5 Ch 10

STAYER ECO 450 Week 7 Quiz 5 Ch 10Check this A+ tutorial guideline at more classes visit
http://www.assignmentcloud.com1.   Taxes simultaneously ration and finance government goods and services.
2.   The federal government finances only half of its expenditures with taxes.
3.   The benefit principle argues that the means of financing government goods and services should be linked to the benefits received from those goods and services.
4.   Horizontal equity is achieved when individuals of the same economic capacity pay the same amount of taxes over a given period.
5.   A flat-rate income tax is a proportional tax on an income base.
6.   The marginal tax rate will eventually exceed the average tax rate if the tax rate structure is propor­tional.
7.   The marginal tax rate for a payroll tax is 7 percent on all wages up to $60,000 per year. The marginal tax rate for wages in excess of $60,000 per year is zero. The payroll tax is therefore a regressive tax.
8.   Tax evasion would be less of a problem if tax rates were lowered.
9.   The user charge for a congestible public good should be zero at all times.
10.   Zero prices for price-excludable government services provide benefits only to the poor.
11.   The gasoline tax is an example of a general tax on consumption.
12.   For a proportional tax, the marginal tax rate is always equal to the average tax rate.
13.   Tax avoidance is an illegal activity in the United States.
14.   An increase in marginal tax rates is likely to increase tax evasion.
15.   Most studies indicate that state-run lotteries are equivalent to a progressive tax on gambling.
16.    Government activity requires the reallocation of resources from government to private use.
17.    A flat income tax (i.e. a fixed amount paid by every taxpayer) is an example of a selective tax.
18.    The average tax rate and marginal tax rate are the same under a…

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