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Good morning,I would like to tell you a little about my case. I have a custody order in Maryland. My son and I live in Concord, North Carolina. His father suppose to live in Maryland. He has not followed the court’s custody order established on October 31, 2013. He has missed the first visitation. It is in the order to meet in Richmond, VA on the Mega Bus. He didn’t show up and I had to pay extra to take son back home. My son’s Psychologist recommends that the visitations be canceled because of the trauma and abuse his father put on my 8 year old. His father has history of abuse with my son since he was younger. Then he disappeared for four years. He popped back up when he was married. He has been avoiding child support. His child support order is in NC and he owes over $5000. He also called my son 4 times since October 31st. I have phone records of these calls. I arranged for the calls to be monitored by the Psychologist. This is because my son has suffered due to his actions. My son suffers from separation anxiety, ADD/ADHD and anger. Every time he talks with him he starts acting out. Last year he was suspended 4 times and talked about hate. This was because his father ran away with him to avoid child support and hurt me. I then realized I was going to need a custody order to protect my son. I received full custody of my son. Then we had to work on my son feeling secure. This is just a quick view of what we have been through. We need help with change of the custody order. I would like him to pay lawyer fees, child support enforcement and modify visitation. I have attached a copy of the order for your view. Thank you in advance of what ever help you can assist me with.

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Rhonda Small

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