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Sociology of Sports’ Theories

Compare and contrast the main types of theories used in the sociology of sports. Include in your answer a discussion of the theorist’s views of society, the individual, social change, and sport. Consider how each theory explains sport and its role in society. Provide at least one concrete example.
Although sports sociology is a subdiscipline of exercise science, it is also a part of the parent discipline of sociology, which is the study of human behavior and social interactions within particular contexts. Sports sociology examines sports as a part of cultural and social life, and adds a different dimension and perspective to the study of sports and exercise. More specifically, sports sociology examines the relationship between sports and society and seeks answers to many issues and questions regarding sports and culture.The value of theories is that they give us grounding, or a foundation, on which to build our positions and arguments. Theories offer a starting point from which we can address a particular issue within sports sociology. Although there are a number of theories from which sports sociologists draw, the most common are structural functionalism, conflict theory, critical theory, and symbolic interactionism.
The theorist “Messners” looked at society and understood the relationship between sports and society and understood that each society is different and have different views of the norm. One main focus that he understood is that sports and masculinity have a big relationship with each other and looked to transform those cultures, trying to reduce male on male violence and serious injuries that boys and men more often than not see as the normal in those sports. Cultural, interactionism, and structural theories all are based on social and behavioral interactions. The study of how people interact when playing or watching sports and the way they think while playing or watching sports. The difference between these three theories is that they…

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