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SCI 101 Week 1 Quiz (Ash)

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1. Question : Who is called the Father of Sociology2. Question : You go shopping for a new outfit to wear to a special event because you want to impress others with your great sense of style. This is an example of what kind of behavior3. Question : While attending college you meet students from other countries and find that you have much in common with them. You develop lifelong friendships as a result. This is an example of a ________________ of education.
4. Question : Who is the father of Conflict Theory5. Question : “Having a pet will reduce stress.” What is the independent variable in this hypothesis6. Question : Who studied suicide and felt it was largely a product of social forces7. Question : What is the dependent variable in the hypothesis: “Second hand smoke may increase lung cancer.”8. Question : Applied research is a designed for a particular use, such as evaluating a program.
9. Question : Someone calls you on the phone and asks you who you are going to vote for. This is what kind of research10. Question : Which is the best type of literature for scholars to use? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOC 101 Entire Course (Uop)

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