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When it comes to learning, everyone learns in a variety of paces and in a variety of styles. My learning style is auditory learning, meaning that I need to hear and speak as a main way of learning. There are several different strategies in which an auditory learner can learn and study. One example includes studying with a friend so you can talk about the information and hear it too, another example could include making flashcards for information you want to learn and read it out loud repeatedly, and another strategy to exercise is to use websites with audio functions, or to use cell phones, iPods, or voice recorders to listen to information. By using these strategies, an auditory learner can succeed in any learning environment.
If I were to implement some of these strategies into studying and completing assignments in this class, such as a seminar quiz for example, I would make flashcards for what I want to learn and I would use them repeatedly, reading them out loud in order to get a full understanding of the information. And, I would use different colored pens to write out the note cards to aid my memory. I would also take the quiz in a quiet environment, because I am easily distracted by noise. Making sure there are no distractions will ensure that an auditory learner’s work is efficient.
When I work on the Facilitation Project with my group, it will be best for me to have a friend or family member read the questions back to me to ensure I understand what is asked of me before beginning the project. Then, it is best for me to read my responses back to myself or to another friend to ensure that my response is well written. In any learning environment, it is best for me and other auditory learners to follow these strategies, and implement new and other strategies, in order to succeed.

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