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Simmons case study

The Great Game of Life’s (GGOL) purpose is to “foster individual growth to help people make better choices in order to live a better life through choosing growth over fear” (Casciaro & Edmonson, 2007). The initiative educates employees how to obtain their individual potential first allowing them to then reach their collective possibilities as a team.
Should Simmons implement the GGOL? Provide at least two reasons based on the case study for your position.
With more satisfied employees, content and happy customers an company can look onward to repeat purchases by consumers, decrease the risks of lawsuits due to negative experiences and lessen the financial costs in managing employees due to less attrition. Two reasons why the GOL should be implemented is one it inspires growth and expansion of the individual on a personal level and two it fosters an environment of equality and collaboration between all staff, from managers down. The Great Game of Life (GGOL) is a change management in the individual initially. It enables the individual to see their potential and value at the company. If the individual feels empowered they will want to produce better outcomes, rub their positive feelings on others, and create a harmonious union that forges forward making everyone a winner. Like building blocks it is imperative that the blocks are secure in order for them not to fall. As an individual sees what their self-worth is made of they then will be inspired to change their working environment and the culture surrounding them. The second reason is collaborative team building among the staff and between upper management and the stakeholders as well. The GGOL platform increases trust in the organization and it is crucial to any organizations growth and survival. “The physical events were intended to achieve team building as well as to inspire individuals to go beyond their own self-imposed limits. Partakers were to have a direct…

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