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SCI 245 Week 1 Assignment MineralsFor more course tutorials visit
Assignment: Minerals
Conduct the mineral lab at: and use the mineral worksheet found in Appendix C to record your observations and results in identifying different minerals.
Write a summary answering the following:
What are the four requirements for a material to be classified as a mineral?
How do you differentiate between minerals? Briefly summarize the six methods to tell minerals apart.
Summarize the major difference(s) between minerals and rocks.
Review Appendix A and choose a region or state that you plan to research for your final project.
Submit your chosen region or state and your completed worksheet to your instructor.
SCI 245 Week 1CheckPoint Study of EarthFor more course tutorials visit
CheckPoint: Study of Earth
Review Ch.1 in Visualizing Geography. This chapter discusses the Earth as a system comprised of four subsystems.
Write a 200- to 300-word description of how these four subsystems interact with one another. In your response, identify one type of resource from each subsystem on which people depend.
————————————————————————————————————————————————–SCI 245 Week 2 CheckPoint Fossils and the Geologic ColumnFor more course tutorials visit
CheckPoint: Fossils and the Geologic Column
Review Figure 3.6 on p. 68 of the text. How do fossils help in determining the relative age of strata? Are the three different localities around the same relative age? Explain your response.
Refer to the USGS Web site: What periods are the fossils from…

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