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saving the second amendment

Protecting the Right to Bear Arms
The United States of America was created with the help of our founding fathers and the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights consisted of ten Amendments. The first two amendments are the most important, and they are: Amendment 1 – Freedom of Religion, Speech, and the Press, and Amendment 2 – The Right to Bear Arms. In today’s society groups of people and politics are trying to limit and/or get rid of the second amendment. In my opinion that would be a very bad idea. People say that guns kill people, but I would disagree. People kill people, if they choose to use guns, knives, a baseball bat, or any other weapon it’s their choice. There are not any politicians trying to limit the sales of knives or baseball bats, so why try to control one of the rights this beautiful country was founded on? I believe in the fact of a felon or someone that has a mental illness not being able to purchase a firearm. If the politicians succeed in taking away the second amendment how will honest citizens protect themselves against criminals, what will stop them from trying to take away any other rights that the citizens of the United States are born with, and what if a terrorist attack happens in America again Taking away the ability to carry concealed or to be able to open carry firearms in the United States will leave the citizens of this country vulnerable to criminals. A case in Maine that happened in September, 2015. A disable former fisherman by the name of Harvey Lembo purchased a firearm after being robbed multiple times in one year. After purchasing this firearm for home defense, his home was broken into by thief. Mr. Lembo was being targeted by these criminals, because he was vulnerable. When Mr. Lembo found the thief inside his home he pointed the firearm at him and stated “’I screamed at him to stop. And I told him to go sit on the coffee table or I’d blow his brains out. I still had the gun in my hand. I’m trying to dial 911 with the…

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