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Role of Music in Your Life

Festus Okoro Music 101 September 2, 2011 Music is everything to me. It has no language barriers because you can enjoy a good music when you listen to it carefully no matter the language of the song. However, everyone got their own taste in music what sound good to you can sound horrible to someone else. Growing up in Africa, I would say music and dance have always played a big role in my life. From the regular parties or the not so often and sad event of a funeral, we always find ways to incorporate music into our life. I am a really big fan of music and i listen to music day and night.

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It helps me fall asleep thanks to the playlist of Celine Dion (I wish she was next to me in person doing the singing). With the help of new MP3 gadgets, I take music with me everywhere I go and I listen to it on the go. It helps eliminate the loud noise of this busy city. I just hope I don’t get hit by a car because I refuse to listen to a car horn. It’s what keeps me going someday and helps me to focus. Music is not just for entertainment, it helps people explain how they feel during certain situation whether good or bad mood. Some artists create good music that helps people pass through some tough times.

I have a wide variety of music genre so it hard for me to narrow it down to the one I prefer. As far as my favorite artist go, I would credit that to a Congolese singer called. I have been listening to his song for a long now and he is the main reason I said music has no language barriers. I don’t know or hear the language he is singing in nor do I know the genre of his song but that don’t stop me from enjoying his music. His song can put you in a relax state and at the same time get you dancing in matter of seconds. I love all type of music genre as long as they sound good to me.

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