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Risk Management Assessment

Risk Management Assessment Summary
Risk Management Assessment Summary
The goal of this summary is to give a risk management assessment of Kaiser Permanente. In this summary, the general purpose of risk management and the specific purpose of Kaiser Permanente risk management program will be outline. This will include the key steps to taken by Kaiser Permanente to identify and manage risks as well identifying typical risks and how each risk affects the organization and its stakeholders.
The purpose of risk management
Risk management in health care in general is defined as any policy, process, or activity that reduces exposure to liability. From a financial and patient safety standpoint, it is important that health centers run risk management activities intended to reduce medical malpractice claims and to prevent any harm to patients.
Kaiser Permanente defines a risk as an “occurrence” or “incident”, which happens at the health care center is inconsistent with routine patient care or with the operation of a facility, and which negatively affects or threatens to affect the life, comfort, or life of patients, employees, or visitors (Tolbert, 1998). A “Significant Event” is a Kaiser-specific term defined as an unforeseen incident or occurrence that involves real or potential physical or psychological injury of a patient or negatively affects the quality of care, assets, operations, or reputation of Kaiser Permanente (Tolbert, 1998).
Kaiser health care risk management is defined as reducing the occurrence of accidents and injuries that are preventable and to decrease the organizations financial loss in case of an accident or injury. Risk management is a very large field, which connects with nearly every part of an organization’s operational activities (Tolbert, 1998).
Usually the risk management focuses primarily on saving the financial integrity and environmental safety of the organization (Tolbert, 1998). There is…

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