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Please note that instructions (in italics) should be deleted and replaced by the appropriate entries. The word guides are a maximum. The proposal should include a list of references and a timeframe. The word count is 2500 – 3000. 1. Title Give a clear and succinct title, indicating the problem area around which the research will be undertaken. 2. Background Include a description of the background to your topic. Explain why you have chosen the topic – give both business and personal reasons. 2. 1 Aim Aim of the project Word Guide Introduction and Business Reasons 325

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Personal Reasons 75 3. Preliminary Review of the Literature Give a brief critical review of the literature that you have read in writing the proposal. This should include current sources. Don’t forget to give a list of sources used (a minimum of 6) – use the Harvard Referencing system. Have you a conceptual framework? If so, include. Justify the need for the research. Word Guide 1000 4. Research Questions Here you should write your research questions as they emerge from the background and critical literature review. 4. 1 Research Objectives

Here you outline your main objectives of your project? Develop these into 3-5 specific research objectives that begin with “To…” and use higher level verbs Word Guide 200 5. Research Plan / Methodology This is the most important section. A clear description of the three phases of the Research Plan is required: Perspective Design and Data Collection Methods What is the access and sampling strategy (including sample numbers)? How will the data be analysed and presented? What are the limitations of your research – comment briefly on validity, reliability and generalisability

Word Guide 1000 6. Ethical Considerations What we are looking for here is a discussion of any ethical issues raised by your particular proposal and how you propose to handle them. You will need to acknowledge and follow the CU Ethical Approval Process. State when you need to use a participation information sheet and/or a consent form Health Warning What do you need to do to avoid the charge of plagiarism? Word Guide 250 7 Planning and any special resources required Include a Gantt chart. Alert us to any particular problems you are likely to face.

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