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Disclaimer: This lab write-up is not to be copied, in whole or in part, unless a proper reference is made as to the source. (It is strongly recommended that you use this document only to generate ideas, or as a reference to explain complex physics necessary for completion of your work.) Copying of the contents of this web site and turning in the material as “original material” is plagiarism and will result in serious consequences as determined by your instructor. These consequences may include a failing grade for the particular lab write-up or a failing grade for the entire semester, at the discretion of your instructor.Anything included in this report in RED (with the exception of the equations which are in black) was added by me (Bill) and represents the data obtained when the experiment was run. Use your own data you collected and perform the calculations for your own data! Title: Projectile Motion Name _Bill Bair PES 115-002Objective
The purpose of this experiment was to study and analyze the dynamics of 2 dimensional projectile motion. This was accomplished by providing a ball with a horizontal velocity and measuring the trajectory range and time of flight, and then comparing the values obtained experimentally with theoretical calculation via the kinematic equations.Data and CalculationsPart B: Time for some physics!
Remember to locate the origin as described earlier.Figure 1: Experimental setup showing initial velocity, parabolic trajectory traveled by the ball, and established coordinate system
Starting Position #1
yo= _1.05_ m
Time between photogates (sec) [calculated]
Time of Flight (sec) [calculated]
Range (m) [measured]
0.032266 s
0.462795 s
0.430 m
0.032395 s
0.46148 s
0.425 m
0.03239 s
0.4644 s
0.428 m
0.032684 s
0.465091 s
0.425 m
0.0327 s
0.461456 s
0.424 m
Average [calculated]
0.032486 s
0.4630444 s
0.4264 m
Starting Position #2 (select a new…

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