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Reflection of Leadership Styles

Reflection of Leadership Styles Throughout this P. Q. P. course there have been numerous discussions about what makes a good leader. Leadership styles can be broken down in to several distinct categories, but the understanding and internalization certain qualities of these styles is instrumental. In our group discussions, to be an effective leader you must be able to juggle between these styles depending on the situation. As the Department Head of 15 teacher’s conflicts arise, not everyone has the same views, opinions or motivational qualities.

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An effective leader must be able to understand where these teachers are coming from and what is motivating or not motivating them. Even though you have a clear direction and the steps to obtain the set goal there will always be people who will not want to join in for their own reason. I am well aware that “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink” is an obstacle that will come up. I feel to be an effective leader you must bring these people on board in some way to unite the school as a learning community.

A great and effective leader must have clear direction and propose for the direction. I believe, ifyou have the qualities of a visionary, coaching, pacesetting and when needed commanding approach to leadership you will succeed in the leadership role. It seemed in the class discussions the group was dispersed among the Pacesetting, Coaching and Democratic styles to leadership. Collectively, in discussions it was agreed upon that there was not one style that was right, only the amalgamation of several styles would produce an effective leader.

I am a person of action I believe to lead by example or get out of the way if you are not going to do it so it can be done right. I have grown as a leader by being able to except the fact that not all people have the same drive and goals aI do. For the longest time I thought people were lazy, but in fact if you can get the lazy people to take stock in what you are trying to do, and can see the value in it they will eventually come on side. Leadership is action not a position B. Brown

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