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Reaction Paper to Daybreakers Movie

Phoebe Amalia C. Estrada Reaction Paper: “Daybreakers” A gorious action, suspense and an unpredictable futuristic movie; Daybreakers, that had me on the edge of my seat during the full length streaming. It’s story was about the generation of vampires in 2019, where all the people are totally embodied vampires yet there are few humans left behind.

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But then, a great phenomena strike in between, blood storage are now scarce in the whole world that it is now so expensive and vampires (the people) starved to death killing other ones for enable to survive. I prefer the story as authentic because of the presence of real humans and vampire that may or may not hypothetically exist in the near future. I was amazed by the tools used, first with their production until the screenplay that somewhat realistic.

One good thing about it was when Edward Dalton, want to save the race of humanity that he even cooperate with humans. A value that you can absorb is being, humanistic and intellectual on the sources around you that can help others. Brotherhood is factual, yet traitor is also exalted in the movie like what the President done to his daughter. There were plenty of twists but they weren’t all that twisty that can stimulate an attention of mine. I loved the cool cars of vampires and their modernity of things.

As a relation to a topic in Ecology, Competition within each of the organism is dominantly visual. Each of them wants to survive. As what Charles Darwin state in his theory “Survival of the fittest theory”, which each one should be as strong as they are to be able to get along with your surroundings and better adapted for immediate state. Rather than competing for the blood, they should think of a way for them to be able to continue their race not to mention harming to others will be applicable.

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