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Quality requirements of the finished product pulp oil leaching method

Oil leaching after wet meal typically contains about 25% of the solvent.Must be carried out on the wet meal desolventizing, drying and cooling process, in order to get qualified finished meal.National standards for the general requirement of leaching pulp is: not corruption, mildew, not anxious burnt smell, no impurities such as sand, dirt, grease, protein and ash content conform to the corresponding national standard of meal.
Oil leaching was born during the finished meal, is mainly used in feed and food raw materials, a small amount is used for fertilizer.Of forage pulp quality and using the measure of value of discretion: as one of the nutrients of protein content;The contents of nutrients and toxins resistance;Oil residue;Moisture content;Sometimes inspection alkali soluble protein content, in order to determine its potency as a forage.To eat meal, but also consider its water soluble protein content.The following by double lion food oil mechanical technicians to illustrate by the method of oil leaching equipment, the finished meal what are the requirements:
1, the quality of the finished product production process depends on the quality of the original oil and grease.In addition, the supply to the user, its quality is also affected by the storage and transport conditions.Therefore, in order to obtain high quality of the finished meal, need for oil quality, production process, storage and circulation of each link of reasonable control.
2, the finished meal only under the condition of the safety of moisture and temperature, to save for a long period of time, to maintain stable quality.
3, high finished product moisture content in the pulp or uneven distribution of moisture and growth of microorganism breeding to be able to cause a meal of fever, mildewy, agglomerate, etc., lower the quality of the finished meal.When the poor storage conditions, still can make meal smell, taste and corruption.Also, consider the finished meal residue solvent amount on the…

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