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Product, Pricing, and Channels Paper

Product, Pricing, and Channels PaperCharles Butler, April Molley, Jon Walter, and William Stewart
MKT/421 Marketing
April 6, 2015
Anil Agarwal
Features of the Apple Watch and the Needs of Target MarketThis product is one of the best ideas invented since the tablets hit the market. You now have a cell phone, tablet, and your wallet all in one on your wrist. The benefits from this product will help many Americans keep better track of their health, personal information, and communication. The reminders and schedules are going to be more visible to the eyes. No need to look at your cell phone to see who is calling or sending a text both devices will be sync together. The Apple watch is created with the function that you will be able to use Apple pay to pay for purchases everywhere. One of the best features that are going to be very helpful is the fitness activity app.
The Apple watch is designed to learn your daily activity and then turn that into ways to improve your physical health. It will suggest personalized all-day activity goals also provide reminders when to do them and when there has been no activity in a while. Apple Watch tracks movement, estimates calories burn, and monitors heart rate and will sync your information through the application to your Apple IPhone (Apple, 2015). So it is like having a personal trainer by your side all day to help with keeping you on the track of your goals. Some people in foreign countries or even in America, who have trouble communicating, will be able to use Apple’s, watch personalized pictures or characters to speak to one another.
You still have your music with you that you can play on the Apple watch or using wireless Bluetooth headphones. Though the watch has a small bright touch screen, you also have a scroll-wheel and a side button for extra features. Other than the feature to touch and swipe the Apple watch also has the capability to speak into its microphone if you are…

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