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Point of Care Diagnostics (POC) Market Analysis, Size, Growth, Trends And Segment Forecasts 2012 To 2020: Hexa Research

Point of Care Diagnostics (POC) Market Size, Market
Share, Application Analysis, Regional Outlook, Growth,
Trends, Competitive Scenario And Forecasts, 2012 To 2020:
Hexa ResearchThe increasing market penetration of picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) and
electronic medical record (EMR) and the efficiency of point of care diagnostics to provide immediate
results are the major factors driving the global point of care diagnostics market. In point of care (POC)
diagnosis, the tests are conducted near the site of the patient care. The increasing geriatric population
globally is also a factor propelling the point of care (POC) diagnostics market. Moreover, increasing
usage of home based point of care devices, increasing government support, expansion of therapeutic
horizon and rapidly increasing investments by various healthcare institutes to support new product
developments are also the factors driving the point of care diagnostics market. There is a shortage of
skilled staff, especially in the field of diagnostics. Various government initiatives to innovate out patient
care models and to minimize hospital stays and rapidly increasing demand for home healthcare globally
are the factors expected to further fuel the point of care diagnostics market over the forecast period.Browse Point of Care Diagnostics (POC) Market Report with Full TOC at: The global point of care diagnostics market on the basis of product is segmented into urinalysis, fertility
and feces, drug abuse testing, decentralized clinical chemistry, primary care systems (lipid and Hba1C),
coagulation, hematology, cardiac markers, dedicated professional hospital glues testing, infectious
diseases and blood gas/ electrolytes.Table of Contents:
Chapter 1. Executive…

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