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1:Down!down! everyone goes,
In body,mind and thought.
No change in sight,
Future is surely doomed!!!2:We wait……..and wait
For a difference to come
For good things to happen
But nothing goes up!!!3:No ray of hope is seen,
However much we try.
No way out of this maze
Alleys and paths winding through
But no exit in sight!!!4:Down!Down! Everyone goes
Round! Round! In hope of escape
But no way will we be saved
We have to suffer and suffer
And keep hope in our hearts!!!“little things make a difference”
Little things, small things
Thought insignificant,
Make a difference,
In our lives that big things don’t.2:Things like kindness or a smile
Bring joy in someone’s life.
A word of love here and there
Make a person feel loved and cared for.3:The beauty of sunrise
Inspires a person in ways unknown,
a joyful experience enjoyed by everyone.
Even the poorest of poor.4:Little things,small things
Seen and unseen
Known and unknown
All contribute to make
A difference in our lives.
By: nazita andrade“Success Follows Failure”
1: Footsteps of failure
Run through my garden
But over them
Success follows with huge leaps.
2: Over and over I fall
But still I keep trying
In my uphill battle
I win at last.
3: Many failures in my diary
But far more successes
I’ve reached the peak
Nothing can throw me down.
4: I went down
But then I went up!up!
Nothing spoils victory
When there is a will for it!!!!

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