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Pilots Forgetting How to Fly

There seems to be a consensus with the general public that flying is dangerous, engines fail and planes crash. That is true some times, although the majority of plane crashes occur largely due to a combination of human or pilot error and other factors. Some of the other major reasons for plane crashes that I will touch on are the environment, mechanical failure, poor maintenance, improper procedure or no procedure for the circumstances for that matter As a pilot you sometimes get nauseated by the words of “human error” whenever an accident investigation releases their report.

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Almost every possible scenario can get traced back to human error in one way or another: pilot failed to initiate proper emergency procedures, pilot failed to stop when he should have stopped, pilot failed to go when he should have gone, and pilot was looking left when he should have been looking right. As long as airplanes are piloted by humans then all accidents will have a cause associated with human error in one way or another.

In order to investigate this process of “Human error”, we will combine this process with other life courses that have happen over the past five years and examine the psychology of the cockpit, the influence of training, and finally the influence of government regulation and company policies that may trammel the pilot in a severe circumstance. The history of human error in aviation goes back couple of years during WWII, as pilots really weren’t controlling airplanes due to the poor design and displayed controllers, therefore unfortunately killing themselves.

Today, even after all these years later the great influence of automation and computers on new aircraft designs, we still hear about the major aircrafts accidents in the news. New Beginning Sperry Corporation developed first aircraft autopilot system. Sperry Corporation stated(1912)”The autopilot pertained a gyroscopic Heading indicator and attitude indicator to hydraulically operated elevators and rudder ailerons were not connected but lift needed to be produced by the necessary roll stability.

It permitted the aircraft to fly straight and level on a compass course without a pilot’s attention, greatly reducing the pilot’s workload”. Lawrence Sperry, the son Elmer Sperry, later paved aviation with an invention that would stand the test of time, but change flying that will coincide with the law computerization. This new magnificent machine was also capable of functioning a take-off and landing maneuver, in the 1930’s the Royal Aircraft Establishment situated in England build an autopilot called “a pilots’ assister” that also used a gyroscope and compressed air to manipulate the flight controls system.

Changes were made to the autopilot system, were it performed a greater and compacted control system, therefore algorithms and hydraulic served more mechanisms. The installments of an auto pilot system in a carrier with more than fifteen seats are mainly made mandatory by all aviation international regulations that exist today. Three levels control an autopilot for smaller aircrafts that are not made with any single-axis that uses autopilot controls in an aircraft in the roll axis only; they are also known as a colloquially, “wing levelers. ” A three-axis is also an ad in the control with yaw axis, that mainly not adherent to tinier aircrafts.

Modern complicated aircrafts that are three-axis and are mostly separated at flight in and out of an airport that allows, taxing, takeoff, and ascent, cruise at level flight, descent, approach, and landing phases. Modern pilots use software that controls an aircraft pathway. In the new systems, other than the modern flight controls, most automation systems merge the thrust capabilities so that they can grasp the throttles to optimize the main airspeed, and maneuver petrol to separate tanks so that the balance of the aircraft is at optimal altitude in the air.

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