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Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan

Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan University of Phoenix Leading a nutritious and healthy lifestyle with the incorporation of exercise is the path I am currently walking on and will continue to follow in my later years. Following the healthy eating plan I currently put myself on is a step in the right direction and the many steps that will follow will be the guide to a continuous nutritional lifestyle. I am currently living with relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis (MS). MS is an autoimmune disease that causes demyelination.

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Demyelination occurs when there is loss of the myelin sheath that insulates the cells in the central nervous system. (Gutierrez, 2009) When an attack occurs unpredictably, it can last a couple of days to a couple of weeks, given the medication taken. The recovery time varies and the disease does not worsen in between attacks. (WebMD, 2009) Currently the disease does not come between my health and my workouts. Upon feeling weak in my muscles at times, I will slow down or completely stop temporarily.

Feeling weak does not happen often enough where it completely affects my workout, though there is no telling what the future may hold with my health and this disease. A disease I may possible develop in my later years is diabetes. My mother is currently living with it. Diabetes is a disease that is hereditary, making one at risk of developing the disease. In addition, my mother is Hispanic and my father is African American and both ethnic backgrounds make me more at risk fordeveloping diabetes. Being overweight also contributes to the development of diabetes.

I already have two strikes against me and will not allow myself to become overweight to add to the possibility of developing the disease. In addition, as one ages, the chances of developing diabetes increases. (WebMD, 2009) Understanding any disease with how it is developed to how it can be prevented helps with daily management. Coping with diabetes there are ways which can prevent the development of the disease. “?. Exercise and a healthy diet can prevent the development of type 2 diabetes in people with impaired glucose tolerance – a condition that often develops prior to full-blown type 2 diabetes. (WebMD, 2009). The incorporation of a healthy diet and if overweight, undergoing a weight loss program helps prevent diabetes. For those who already have diabetes, there are various medications one can take to regulate the blood sugar levels. Living with MS and with the possibility of developing diabetes, my diet has been re-modified. My eating habits are fairly healthy, but thediet could be better. As I make myself more aware of my health, well-being, history of family health issues and diseases, I realize that re-evaluating my diet would be wisest.

I am currently consuming nutritious foods, but not have completely done away with eating unhealthy foods. I do continue to eat fatty foods at times to satisfy my cravings but knowing that if there are no adjustments to my diet the possibilities of developing diabetes can occur. Looking at what my mother goes through with her injections and the unstableness of her sugar levels, I do not want to go through. My mom has been in and out of the hospital several times and had a near death experience because her sugar levels were low.

Diabetes is a serious disease that needs to be well managed. If diabetes is not maintained one can become extremely ill. Modifying my diet has now become a priority and following the My Pyramid Plan is what is on the agenda. With the continuance of the 45min run and following the diet indicated below, I believe I will be well on my way to losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Avoiding second helpings for a week to condition myself to overcome that habit is part of the plan, as well. The diet plan is a realistic goal for me.

To follow the goal is just a matter of mentally conditioning myself mentally to overcome the cravings. The nutritional goals I intend to follow are: Ensure my diet is low in saturated fat, cholesterol and overall reduce my sugar, salt and total fat intake. I will adjust the items I choose at the supermarket and do away with sweets by substituting it for sweet fruits. Eat a variety of foods, especially from all food groups. By choosing foods from different food groups, it brings a variety to my meal plan. Eat five servings of fruit and vegetables a day.

I intend to create a menu incorporating five servings of each and place it on my refrigerator just, so that I can consume the total daily servings. Make sure I balance my intake of calories with what I burn, so I monitor my weight loss goal. The menu I create will include a calorie count of each food, so that I can keep track of how many calories I consume against the calories I burn. This diet plan is a 2000 calorie food pattern. This plan is based on average needs for a 35 year-old female, 5 feet 3 inches tall, physically active 30 to 60 minutes a day, in the healthy weight range.

The calorie needs may be more or less than the average, so the weight should be checked regularly. If gradual weight loss is not visible, adjust the amount total intake. 1 Make Half Grains Whole Aim for at least ounces of whole grains a day. 2 Vary Veggies Aim for this much every week: Dark Green Vegetables = 3 cups weekly Orange Vegetables = 2 cups weekly Dry Beans and Peas = 3 cups weekly Starchy Vegetables = 3 cups weekly Other Vegetables = 6 1/2 cups weekly Oils & Discretionary Calories Aim for 6 teaspoons of oils a day.

Limit the extras (extra fats and sugars) to 265 Calories. (United States Department of Agriculture, 2009) Creating a diet to follow is easier planned than followed. One has to follow successfully aself planned diet, especially when there is a drastic change from unhealthy foods to healthy foods. Additionally, living in a home where others are not on a diet can be challenging. Eating with the familywhen only one individual on a diet is a challenge to one’s will power. I can say for myself that my will power is average.

Itis hard sometimes when my husband is eating a steak dinner or fried spicy hot chicken, my favorite. I will give in at times. There were situations where I completely gave in, but as I continue to educate myself, I have come to realize that sometimes cheating is not worth because it eventually catches up to one’s health in a not so good way. My approach to avoid having to deal with giving into temptation is to eat before the rest of the family doesor to eat before I leave work. That way I am not eating late nor will I be hungry by the time I come home.

Another challenge I may come across is if the Multiple Sclerosis becomes aggressivein my later years where a work out regimen may not be an option. Therapy and medication would have to be the option to handle the condition if it worsens. Depending on how bad the condition is, I may be able to incorporate some kind of exercise whether it is just walking or picking up some weights. At least there will be some kind of physical activity. Upon dealing with the progression of the disease along with age, the diet would have to be modified to suit the deficiencies I will encounter as an older woman living with MS.

Perhaps adjusting to lighter and smaller meals would be best considering there would be a possibility that I may be bound to a wheelchair which can quickly result in weight gain. In addition, with age come ailments. Seasonal changes affects the body especially the joints. I currently like to run on the treadmill and at times jog outside. Adjusting to the climate to prevent from creating additional aches and pains, indoor activity would be best. Another challenge, due to heredity would be the possibility of developing diabetes. A strictdiet would have to be in place.

Physical activity may be adjusted to being indoors. If I become hypoglycemic while outdoors there is the possibility of passing out. Rather than risk the incident, creating an activity for indoors may be best. There have been many of times where my mother has not felt well outdoors and thank goodness someone was with her during those moments. I know of a woman who died in her sleep due to the blood sugar levels being low. Being around others who live with this disease and seeing their experiencesis a wake up call to know not to play around with my health when it comes to this disease.

Diabetes is scary if one does not pay close attention to patterns of the bodily reactions (sugar levels) to particular foods; it becomes a game of Russian Rulet. As long as a healthy diet is followed with consistency the results will affect my physical well-being in a positive way. Having more energy and not feeling exhausted most of the time would be proof of how effective the diet is. With the proper foods, my intellect will also improve. I will be able to think more clearly. Additionally, seeing a consistency with weight loss on a weekly basis will show how the diet is working.

Both combinations of healthy eating and having an exercise regimen are not only effective in ways of losing weight, but also, allow one to live and feel better physically and mentally. In addition, with the incorporation of more sleep time in my schedule, it should be a major improvement in my well-being. Realizing that no matter how healthy the diet is, lack of sleep always affects one’s thinking, focus and how information is retained. On the other hand, upon not following my nutrition and exercise plan, I will continue to maintain my weight of 161lbs. and for my height itis considered overweight.

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