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Music and Its Effect on the Development of the Human Brain

Music and its effect on the development of the human brain Why is music so important to us as human beings? What draws us to music and how can studying the brain and the effects that music has on the brain help us to understand our relationship with music? Does age and training affect our knowledge and understanding of music, or are we all hardwired with a musical capability? Now, if we think about it, how is music interpreted by our brains?

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Vanessa Dylyn’s interest towards the creative process of the brain and how our brain understands music came up with this statement, “Music does not exist outside the brain. A single note begins as vibrations that travel through the air which cause the ear drum to vibrate. Inside the ear the vibrations are converted into nerve impulses which travel to the brain, where they are deconstructed into elements of music such as pitch, tempo, and melody.

When recombined the elements form a pattern, which we recognize as music. In other words the brain itself creates the musical sounds we think we hear. ”(Dylyn) This definition of music not existing outside of the brain challenges our knowledge of music. I thought that music would exist in and of itself but according to Vanessa Dylyn this is not the case. We depend on our ears to pick up these musical vibrations and they are interpreted by our brain and fall into musical patterns.

We can say that sound exists outside of our brain, because many different things make sound like rushing water or blowing wind, to qualify as music our brains need to be intellectually involved and engaged in a thought process. Even if music does not exist of its own accord, it has nonetheless played an important role in the development of human civilizations. “Throughout recorded history, music has been a part of every Puigmarti 2 culture. The oldest musical instrument in existence is a Neanderthal flute. Many scientists think that music played an essential role in human evolution.

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