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Week 1 DQ 1
Public relations is sometimes be viewed as the process by which and organization’s reputation, products and services are enhanced or maintained. Similarly, marketing often serves to enhance an organization’s reputation, products and services. In what ways can we distinguish public relations from marketing
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Week 2 DQ 1
Describe the role of marketing research as it pertains to public relations. Compare and contrast primary and secondary research. Is one more important than the other to public relations professionals and their efforts? Why do you think so…or why not*************************************************************************************************************************************MKT 578 Week 2 Learning Team Project Problem Framing PaperFor more course tutorials visit
Resource: University of Phoenix Material: Public Relations Learning Team Project
Write a paper between 1,050 and 1,400 words in which you describe your approved organization and a problem or opportunity currently confronting it.
Discuss the role that public relations appears to play within your selected organization, as well as its importance in the organization’s overall promotional mix. Be sure to do the following:
Provide a brief background of the selected organization,…

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