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Microsoft vs VMware

Comparing Microsoft and VMware
Andrew Colosimo
1/25/15With the Microsoft Cloud OS vision, people get one consistent platform that goes beyond just virtualization, and includes management, automation, development platform, network, data and identity. Microsoft offers a platform that supports people’s needs from bare metal up through applications and out to devices, including mission critical workloads, from leading solution providers that include Microsoft, Oracle and SAP. People can choose the platform that’s right for their entire business, and adapt as the needs of their business change. (Microsoft, 2014). Microsoft changes Hyper-V in each version, which creates a learning curve for IT staff with every new Windows release. (IT World, 2014)
VMware has publically changed it product roadmaps several times over the last few years. VMware touts these changes as product evolution, but existing people are left behind with a product that might be unsupported or unfit for the future. VMware’s approach is to virtualize everything, and other components like apps, management, identity and data are viewed through that lens only, without true consideration for the benefits provide by cloud services like application portability, resiliency and elasticity as well as a common identity platform. Unlike Windows Server and Azure, VMware is not certified and supported by Oracle. (Microsoft, 2014). With its initial product launch in 2000, VMware has been the company to beat in server virtualization technology when it comes to features, stability, security and market share. But beyond the “virtual” ring of technology and product capabilities, the real fighting is being conducted through trash-talking marketing. (Marshall, 2012). VMware has more third-party support, bringing all kinds of options for backups, vm syncing and vm migration that aren’t available natively or from Hyper-V. (IT World, 2014). The virtual-machine…

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