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MGT 101 Principles Of Management Final Exam Answer

MGT 101 Principles Of Management Final Exam Answer 1 1 points Save
When creativity is desirable, then:
the organization should be completely centralized
the organization should be completely decentralized
some degree of decentralization is desirable
it is impossible to recommend centralization or decentralization in this situation

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Question 2 1 points Save
In order to raise the odds their commands will be accepted, Barnard recommends:
the manager uses informal channels of communication
each organization member receive directions from the most expedient communication channel
the line of communication between manager and subordinate go through the CEO
commands are authenticated as coming from a manager

Question 3 1 points Save
According to staff personnel, one reason for line/staff conflict is that line personnel:
tend to assume staff authority
do not give sound advice
fail to keep staff personnel informed of their activities
resist new ideas

Question 4 1 points Save
The three main types of authority that can exist within an organization are:
line, staff, and formal
staff, informal, and formal
line, staff, and functional
line, functional, and formal

Question 5 1 points Save
The most basic method of dividing job activities is the:
process control method
customer location method
centralization method
functional similarity method

Question 6 1 points Save
The roles that staff personnel perform include all of the following EXCEPT:
the advisory or counseling role
the service role
the financial role
the control role

Question 7 1 points Save
All of the following should be done by staff personnel to reduce line-staff conflict EXCEPT:
emphasize the objectives of the organization as a…

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