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Directive- mentor telling the mentee what to do
Stretching (challenging)- mentor challenging an stretching the mentee
Depends on the person who is mentoring.
Pedagogic relationship- because its like teaching
What pedagogic style does the mentor adopt? It’s very much depends on their beliefs. What they think is the best way of teaching someone else, educating them and so on.
In the directive is acting like a guardian, or guide or role model this is on the nurturing side.
Stretching side is the coach. Life coach to be tough with them. Paying someone to be your life coach.
But also acts as their critical friend, to be critical of someone but to be honest with them.
Think about what you said there or done there. Was that the most appropriate way of dealing with that particular situationOn the other hand the non-directive is usually a more passive style. Its more about listening. On the other hand, it’s about being a bridge between the person and their goal whatever they want to go or catalyst.
From the interviews identify a range of mentoring styles and discuss the purpose of their use by RAS tutors in assisting refugee students.
Mentors use different mentoring styles. They have a pedagogic relationship with their students. However, the pedagogic style they adopt depends on their beliefs. The mentors in the video are directive and non-directive.
However, the male mentor is non-directive. He is challenging and stretching the student’s abilities in technology. He is the bridge between cultures and communities. In other words, he was the bridge between his student and the student’s goal. For example, he was the bridge between the student and the student’s knowledge about technologies to complete his assessment. The male mentor provided the basic information on how to do produce web banners. The student was challenged to reach his goal because he came from a different country and had little knowledge of…

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