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Brazil’s History
In the 1500s Brazil was founded by the Portuguese and they end up claiming Brazil underneath the Portuguese crown. Brazil gains their independency from Portugal on September 7, 1822. September 7, 1822 is also their national holiday for independence. Brazil’s constitution was signed on October 5, 1988. The son of the King of Portugal declared his independence from Portugal and declared himself the Emperor Peter I of Brazil in 1882. In 1888 slavery was abolished in Brazil do to the large immigration of Europeans. In 1889, the federal republic government had overthrown Emperor Peter I and Brazil’s monarchy government. During this time Brazil was producing over 65% of the world’s coffee. In 1937, a “Revolt places Getulio Vargas at head of provisional revolutionary government” (Timeline: Brazil, 2012). Another major historical event is Brazil joined allies in 1939-1945 during World War II. The last historical event was Brazil had their first female President, Dilma Rousseff, in 2010. The indigenous people of Brazil have been known “used and imagined as guardians of the Brazilian frontier since at least the mid-nineteenth century” (Miller & D’Angelis, 2011). Brazilians wanted to break away from Portugal influences; so they can be and live life the way they wanted to live. Slavery was abolished in Brazil in 1888. Once slavery was abolished Brazilians was capable to live their lives. They have high values in families because families set their foundation. If Brazilians plan on conducting business they would like to know who, when, where, why and how? So they can never be blind-sided by business partners. Brazilians have endured a lot throughout their history just like other cultures and countries.
General Data
Brazil is located in South America. The total land area of Brazil is 8,514,877 sq. km. The land area of Brazil is 8,459,417 sq. km and the water area is 55,460 sq. km. Brazil is boarded by Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, French…

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