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Managing: Holiday and Vacation Time

A healthcare manager’s role is to make sure that the staff in which they are managing are present and working their scheduled shift and if they are unable to the manager must see to it that the position is filled prior to the starting of that shift. Productive time is the net or actual amount of hours an employee is physically working, and non-productive time is time that the employee is not working but if full time may qualify to be paid for as though they actually were working for example, vacation days, holidays, personal leave days, and possibly sick days.

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Cost is tied into staffing by calculating the hourly rate of an employee along their weekly hours of work and the amount of productive time they qualify for, which will allow the manager to know exactly how much it will cost the area in which he or she is managing. Annualized method is a method used to determine the number of hours an employee who is eligible for vacation time will be working and how many hours their position will have open when they use their unproductive time.

Scheduled position method is used to figure out how many hours are needed to fill in for a single employee with a full time so the total hours balance out at the end of the year. Annualizing is good because the manager will have a clear view of how many hours the department that is being managed will require from his or her staff in order to properly operate as well as the cost on a yearly basis.

The benefits of recording productive and non-productive time are records to show the employee an overview of the actual time they work and the total number of paid and unpaid time they have off. It also gives the manager time to prepare in advance and find staffing when employees use their accumulated vacation time.

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