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malcom x

Malcom x was a leading spokesperson for black Muslims. He was appointed this position by Elijah Muhammad who recognized his talent. During the the early in 1960 Martin lather king Jr, was preaching for peace and integration for black and whites. Malcom had a different view on how things should be. His message was that black people should not trust white people. He wanted blacks to rely on themselves and fix their own problems. When it came to violence it wasn’t the only answer but it was justified in self-defense and even it means to use violence to achieve equality. Malcom traveled and was invited to many television shows, radio shows and even went to colleges like Harvard, Howard and Columbia giving speeches .June of 1963 Malcolm lead the unity rally in Harlem. It was one of the nation’s largest civil rights events.
In 1964 after he terminated his relationship Ion he found his own religion the Muslim Mosque Inc. Malcom X traveled to Africa and made his way to mecca. When he return to New York he started a new origination called Afro American unity (OAUU) came back to have some different views on violence he wanted to achieve his goals a more peaceful way. He even met with martin Luther king Jr. During his rally for his new organization afro American unity on February 1965 in New York he was shot and killed by a black man who didn’t agree with Malcom new ways or views. He also had predicted his death saying that he would be more important in death than in life. Malcom X made a huge impact on the Black Muslim community and still has impact today. His views on civil rights movement made him a great leader to black Muslims.

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