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Luxembourgs Cards and Payments Industry: Emerging Opportunities, Trends, Size, Drivers, Strategies, Products and Competitive Landscape

Like other EU countries, Luxembourg’s economy was damaged by the 2009 global economic crisis. Following strong economic growth from 2004 onwards, Luxembourg’s economic growth contracted by 5.6% in 2009, but recovered gradually from 2010 onwards. Economic turmoil in the global financial markets and lower demand during the peak of the recession prompted the government to inject capital into the financial services sector and implement stimulus measures to boost the economy.
A favorable tax regime coupled with bank-privacy legislation enabled the financial services sector, especially the banking and insurance sectors, to become the growth leader. Consequently, Luxembourg’s cards and payments industry thrived during the review period (2009-2013), which is anticipated to continue over the forecast period (2014-2018).Read more details at:
The report provides top-level market analysis, information and insights into Luxembourg’s cards and payments industry, including:Current and forecast values for each category of Luxembourg’s cards and payments industry, including debit cards, credit cards and prepaid cards
Comprehensive analysis of the industry’s market attractiveness and future growth areas
Analysis of various market drivers and regulations governing Luxembourg’s cards and payments industry
Detailed analysis of marketing strategies adopted for selling debit, credit and prepaid cards used by banks and other institutions in the market
Comprehensive analysis of consumer attitudes and buying preferences for cards
The competitive landscape of Luxembourg’s cards and payments industryScope
This report provides a comprehensive analysis of Luxembourg’s cards and payments industry.
It provides current values for Luxembourg’s cards and payments industry for 2013, and…

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