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In the school, in Valenzuela national High School Bignay- Annex, there is a problem about entering the students in the school without their proper I. D, on how the security guard monitored it. In implementing a monitoring of entering the school, The guards only looking if the I. D is wearing by the students but they cannot notice that the I. D is not their own id.

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Well now, help is at hand with the help of computerized Log-in/Log-out system, the developers proposed to Bignay National High School Bignay-Annex, it will monitor if the information and the image in the I. D is match to the students. 1. 1 Background of the study The school was named as Valenzuela National High School Bignay-Annex. Bignay Annex because the building is used and owned by Bignay Elementary School and because of the number of the students is not very big than to other school around Valenzuela City.

The Valenzuela National High School Bignay-Annex started on year 2002 having only two sections for the 1st year and 1 section for the second year, it’s because the barangay Bignay is a small place than to other barangay in Valenzuela City. During that time the school is under observation of Mrs. Ermilita Bobis and with the help of only six faculty teachers to supervise the need of their students to learn. On year2003, the population of the school become huge it’s because of those familycoming from the other barangay in Valenzuela.

Because of those family many students was transferred and enrolled in that year and because of fast growing population they need to hire some additional professional teachers. On year 2005, in under the supervision of a new school principal Mr. Ceasar Villereal they requested to build a new classroom and buildings to sustain the right number of students in a section. On year 2007, M. Margarito Materum another new principal coming from Dalandanan National High School was assigned to handle the Valenzuela National High School Bignay-Annex.

The continues number of enrollees are still growing in that year and because of that they request to the Municipal of Valenzuela City to build a whole court with a large stage to sustain the numbers of students that is candidate for the graduation. Year 2009, with the help of their new principal Ms. Grace L. Pascua they improve the school and they change the name to Bignay National High School, because they achieve the number of the students to say that the school is ready to be one of the national high school next in the name of their barangay in the Philippines.

The school until present day is compose of twelve section for the 1st year, ten section for the 2nd year, ten section for the 3rd year and nine section for the 4th year currently there are 1,165 students in Bignay National High School, there are 336 students in 1st year, 284 students in 2nd year 278 in 3rd year and 267 students in 4th year, also there are 50-60 students per section and they expect that population of the students on the next few year are getting bigger because of those elementary students who will successfully finish their academic in elementary.

That’s why the developer proposed a system in that school and the system is the “computerized Login and Logout System” to know the number of students in the room and to monitor also the attendance of the students of the students everyday. This system could also help the teachers lessen their work by getting the name of the students for their attendance. 1. 2. 1 General Problem The problem of Bignay National High School is definitely monitoring of the guard in the student’s everytime they in or out in the school.

The security guard didn’t know that there’s a person is not a register student enter the school 1. 2. 2 Specific Problem 1. ) Entering the outsiders This is one of the problems of the school because the guard didn’t know if the person is a register student of the school and they only give a trouble and a problem to the school. 2. ) Not on time leaving the school Some of the students is leaving the school even if there class is not already ended they leave to school just to spend there time by playing in the computer shops or by going in the house of there other friends. . 3 Objectives of the Study 1. 3. 1 General Objective By implementing a “Computerized Log-in/Log-out System” for the students, it will avoid the non register students to enter the school.

Peace and Order Because of the said system, the peace and order in the school will happen because no outsider will enter the school to make a trouble and a problem. 2. ) Security insurance Its insure the students are in safety because even they cut there class still they are in a school ground to wait until they class will end. 1. Significance of the Study 1. ) Teachers The teacher may assure that there student will be in good even they have no class yet . 2. ) School In the school, in other hand, it will help the school for the National Public High School Rankings, because of the great quality of education that the student receives. 3. ) Security Guard It will insure that the guard will enter only a register student of the school and not an outsider without any doubt. 4. ) Parent Parents can now monitor their child by visiting the school and giving the students number of their child.

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