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I have encountered many leaders in my life. All of them taught me something about leadership, what I wanted to be and what I didn’t want to be as a leader. One of the person that I admire the most is my mother Marial Tavera. There are many reason of why I admire my mom. Looking back on my childhoods, it was filled with happiness and togetherness. Along with my father, she made sure my sisters and I grew up in a house filled with love, laughter and silliness. My mom is a hard workingwomen. Despite the fact that I’m an adult, my mom still cares about my sister and me as if we were their little girls. She is always there for us don’t matter the distance, the time when we need it she is present. My mother is a person who cares about the rest, for the most needy. When she finds out that some she know is sick she is there to support. My mom has a big heart and she is the loveliest person I ever see. When I was a little girl my mom has to raised 4 girls by her own because my father immigrate to the Unites State to gave us a better life.
My mom want the best for us, she push me on to go back to school to finish my career even thought I was going through a difficult time she push me to move forward. My mom is everything for, she is my hero, my rock my inspiration. Thanks to her I am who I am today. She taught me that mistakes teach us to be a better person. And this a some of the reason why I choose my mom as my leader.

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