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December 23, 2012 Law enforcement officers today are faced with difficult challenges and issues every day. They have to be trained efficiently so they know how to respond to the different issues. Law enforcement has to deal with corruption, racial profiling, on duty dangers, and deadly force every day. Police officers also are face with multicultural society; there are many different people that have different habits, customs, beliefs, and patterns of thoughts; police men need to be able to handle people that are way opposite than them. There are always going to be people that are different or hate police officers or that are against the law so they have to be able to protect themselves, and protect others from harm. Being a police officer is dangerous and stressful because many officers die on the job or get injured by trying to catch a bad guy or by helping a person who is trouble. Another problem that the officers have is corruption. Police officers have to perform their job according to the law but there are many officers that don’t follow the rules. They like to do their own thing, and abuse their authority for personal or organizational gain; they failure to follow protocols, failure to take required or expected actions, unnecessary roughness, negligence, and violations of rights. They make thoughtless comments, a rough gesture, a hurried action, poor judgment or they have failure to properly screen, train or supervise staff. Today many police officers don’t take their job as a way of helping, and protecting people, they see it as a way of having control over innocent people or having power. Today you hear stories in the news…

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