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lack of education

The society we live in today faces a lot of problems. Most of them are looked upon in fact all of them are looked upon regardless of the urgency to look upon them and solve them. One of the major problems is lack of education. The question is WHO IS TO BE BLAMED? And how can we actually get rid of this problem? OVERVIEW:
A person is officially considered to be literate if he is above ten years of age and can read and write. But this is not the case in Pakistani. In Pakistan a person is considered literate if he can write his name. Pakistan’s literacy rate is approximately 50%. Among males 67% are literate and 42 % of the females being literate. There is a Stark difference in rural-urban literacy rates that is 49.2 % vs. 73.2%. However experts think that these figures are highly over estimated. Literacy rate is an important indicator in the progress and prosperity of a country. According to a recent survey Cuba has the highest literacy rate of 99.7 % in the world while Pakistan is at 160th rank in the world with a literacy rate of about 50 %. Unfortunately in spite of 60 years of independence Pakistan still is way behind in the literacy rate. No serious efforts have been made to uplift the level of education and this is the reason why we are still behind. Pakistan today faces a lot of problems and each one of them directly or indirectly link up to lack of literacy. And being educated is the only solution to solving a majority of these problems. REASONS FOR ILLITERACY: * Lack of education
Education is one of the most neglected areas by the government of Pakistan. The allotted percentage of GDP 15 years back was 2.8 % which was quite low compared to the importance of this sector but the situation worsened when the government reduced it to 1.8% instead of increasing it. While countries like Saudi Arabia which spends 9.5% of their GDP on education, Canada 5.4%, USA 4.8%. Even a country…

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