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Erniya McKay
SYG: 2013
Professor: Taff
March 4, 2014Assignment #2
Film: Waging a Living1. There are many ways possible for a person to live in poverty if he/she has employment and a place to live. Some of the factors are, housing, children, education, and being a single parent. Many of the factors are uncontrollable, while others can be a choice. For example, Housing expenses have increased while the rate of pay of most jobs are stagnant. Many people live paycheck to paycheck, nearly getting by because of the expenses they have to pay in their household. The amount of children in a household can also be a contributing factor because children can’t work for themselves but need to be taken care of. This includes, food, medical insurance, clothing, and a roof over their heads. Every child counts, which means more children, equals more money going to them and their needs. Lack of education can also become a factor because in most careers you need a college education to be considered. Without an education there are less jobs available, leaving only low wage jobs. With an education it is easier to climb the ladder, and actually make more money. Single parent homes are more likely to be in poverty versus households with two working parents. Being a woman and a single parent makes it even harder to climb the ladder. Barbara Brooks is a person whose life presents all of the factors of how a person can live in poverty and be employed with a home. Barbara has 5 children. Phaniea, Dave, Egypt, Yoshido, and Juquan. She is a full time parent, student, and employee. She works to get paid $8.25 an hour and receives government assistance. In Barbara’s situation she is trying to go back and resume her education as well as raise her children and work full time so she can support her family, but is living in poverty. Even though she does receive a raise, her benefits from the government are cut off and she has to pay more for housing. It seems that the more she tries…

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