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1 Policies and LegislationWord – 400
Ofstes and ERO
Act and Legislaiton
1.1 EnglandWord – 200AbriefhistoryoftheEYFS Background to the welfare requirements 1.10 Historically, public interest in provision for young children focused on protection from harm, dating from the Infant Life Protection Act 1871 and the Prevention of Cruelty to Children Act 1889.This legislation gave little recognition to children’s learning and development, and their more general welfare.The first registration requirements for childminding and day nurseries were introduced after the Second World War,30 and were extended to other categories of provider in the 1960s.31 The Children Act 1989 gave children’s welfare increased prominence, although local authorities were already active, for example in promoting regulated childcare.The 1989 Act, for the first time, imposed a duty on local authorities to approve and register childminders, playgroups, nurseries and after-school care for children under the age of 8 years. 1.11 ? This commitment to promoting children’s welfare was strengthened in 2001, when responsibility for registering and regulating early learning and care in England passed to Ofsted, and National Standards for Day Care and Childminding were introduced for children under the age of 8. A baseline was thereby set for the quality of early years provision, with criteria describing how quality outcomes for children should be achieved.(
The Childcare Act Section 39(1)(a) 2006 stipulates that Early Years providers must ensure that their provision meets the learning and development requirements as specified in the EYFS (Learning and Development Requirements) Order 2007 (amended in 2012). The Act states that this Order can specify the arrangements which are required for assessing children for the purpose of ascertaining what they have achieved in relation to the…

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